Why choose a new point?
"New technology, efficient sterilization, high safety, economic and environmental protection,"Xindian disinfection equipment is the first choice for hospitals, businesses, and families
New technology
New technology
ORP wreaks electrons and destroys the cell membranes of microorganisms,
Hypochlorous acid is the mechanical destruction of the biofilm, and the cell contents ooze outward, causing the death of the bacteria
Efficient sterilization
Efficient sterilization
In 30 seconds or less, the kill rate reaches 100%.
No irritation to skin, mucosa, mouth, etc. No acute oral toxicity and cytotoxicity, no induced chromosomal variability, no drug resistance, and no wear and tear on disinfection items after long-term use.
Low daily maintenance cost; Operation only consumes electrolyte water and electricity; It can greatly reduce the disinfection cost of the user unit; Quickly restore ordinary water after use, no pollution to the environment
Mass production, centralized supply, wide range of application
Hospital disinfection applications Mass production, centralized supply, wide range of application
Higher yields and lower feed conversion rates
Animal husbandry applications Higher yields and lower feed conversion rates
Extensive Sterilization
Extensive Sterilization
Efficiently kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores.Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, etc
Rapid Sterilization
Rapid Sterilization
It can kill bacteria and viruses in 30s, and pathogenic microorganisms can kill spores in 10min
No irritation to skin, mucosa, mouth, etc. No acute oral toxicity and cytotoxicity: No induced chromosome variability;
Only tap water +Nacl cost is low; It can greatly reduce the cost of disinfection in hospitals.
Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection
No need to wipe with clean water after use, no chemical residue, quickly restore ordinary water after discharge, no pollution to the environment
Convenient  Convenient
Convenient Convenient
It is convenient to soak, wipe, spray, mop and so on

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Guangdong New Point Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in two, three types of medical equipment, disinfection equipment and disinfection products research and development, production as one of the enterprises, national high-tech enterprises.

Mainly engaged in the research and development of electrolytic cells and electrolytic materials, the company is based in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, facing the whole country, and involved in overseas. Relying on the national "Belt and Road" plan came into being, the company specializes in the development and production of acidic electrolytic water (acidified water, slightly acidic water) equipment, hypochlorous acid disinfection products. The application scope covers medical treatment, education, public health and other fields.

The company's unique electrolytic cell technology breaks the international monopoly, leading the domestic has obtained a number of invention patents. Enterprises with professional R & D team, strong technical strength, continuous innovation ability, scientific enterprise management, leading efficient sensor control new coordinates, create a new era of environmental disinfection, to provide safe, environmental protection, intelligent disinfection solutions and unremitting efforts!
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