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Q1: What is Hypochlorous Acid Generator ?
A1: The generator is a stand alone, on-site generator optimized to produce hypochlorous acid with pH (5.0-6.5),ORP 1000mV,available chlorine:40 mg / L-100 mg / L.
Q2: Is hypochlorous acid water safe?
A2:Hypochlorous acid water (HOCI) has been approved by the US National Environmental Protection Agency EPA / US Food and Drug Administration FDA / Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and can be used for various purposes such as food sterilization treatment and environmental hygiene, and is toxic and will automatically reduce to brine after a period of contact with air.
Q3: What is the difference between "HOCI hypochlorite" and "sodium hypochlorite NaCIO"?
A3: Sodium hypochlorite (anecdotally known as bleach) is strongly alkaline, the general pH value of 9 - 12 and the weakly acidic HOCl hypochlorous acid pH value of 4 - 6 its properties and effects, with environmental protection, safety, mild and non-irritating, both contain chlorine CI, but at the same CI chlorine content (ppm units) hypochlorite HOCI is 80 times higher than sodium hypochlorite NaCIO bactericidal capacity.
Q4. Is there any difference between the hypochlorous acid generator and the electric potential water?
A4: Electrolyzed acidic oxidizing water is hypochlorous acid, it is the same product, name is different.At present, the safe and environmentally friendly hypochlorous acid is hypochlorous acid water generated by electrolysis, which is non-toxic and harmless
to the human body. After the sterilization of hypochlorous acid is completed, it can be completely degraded naturally, without residue, corrosion and odor.
Q5. What is the cost of hypochlorous acid water produced by the hypochlorous acid generator?
A5: The cost includes electricity, salt and water. The cost is low, and the cost can be calculated based on actual local prices.
Q6: Do you have minimum order quantity request?
A6: No minimum order, but it can get a discount if you order a large quantity.
Q7: How to buy your idea products?
A7: You can provide us your water sources, water quality, flow rate and ground area (contact us for more details).
Q8: How to install after the equipment arriving destination?
A8: We will provide detailed illustrations to you. If it is necessary, we will send technicians to help you. However, the visa fee,air tickets, accommodation, wages will be paid by buyers.
Q9: Can the self-made disinfectant be stored?
A9: The finished disinfectant can be placed in a cool place for about a week. It is recommended to use it immediately after making to prevent sterilization failure.
Q10: Is homemade disinfectant toxic to human body?
A10: The self-made disinfectant is environmentally safe, non-toxic and harmless, and can be safely used. The elderly and children should use it under guidance or supervision.
Q11:  How do you pack the products?
A11: We pack the products with foam pad and wooden cases.
Q12: How to clean the disinfectant manufacturing machine? Can it be washed?
A12: It is forbidden to wash the machine body of the product, so as not to cause damage to parts and components and make it unable to work normally.
Q:13: Can you order the equipment in your own size and details?
A 13: Yes, you can offer us your detail demand when order. Once your order has been manufactured or shipped, it cannot be modified.